2021 Professional Platform Awards

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Films in Progress 39 & Films in Development 16 Awards


Films in Progress 39


The FILMS IN PROGRESS TOULOUSE AWARD consists in a provision of post-production services offered by associated organizations, to be done in France.

The jury was composed of:

  • Gina Barbier, French Kiss Production-Saraband
  • Nicolas Jolliot TITRAFILM
  • Pascal Lombardo, CCAS
  • Xenia Maingot, Eaux Vives Productions
  • Jean-Guy Veran, Studio Mactari

Films in Progress 39 Grand Award

UTAMA by Alejandro Loayza Grisi (Bolivia, Uruguay)

With this film, we are truly witnessing the birth of a very great filmmaker whom we will certainly hear about internationally in the years to come. His exceptional sense of the frame and photography, his back and forth between the vastness of these Bolivian highlands landscapes and the close-ups of the 3 protagonists, allow him to serve a streamlined script and a shameless staging to plunge us from end to end of his film in this so human story between these two grandparents, living alone in the world, surrounded by their llamas and their grandson came to tell them news. His film, of a rare density, shows us the urgency of restoring our ties, our links with mother nature, our links with our elders so as not to forget where we come from and what world we aspire to.
The Jury

TITRAFILM offers an amount worth €3,000 for subtitling works.
TITRAFILM, Films in Progress historic partner, gives to the French distributor or sales company of the winning film an amount worth €3.000 (DCP creation and/or duplication, creation of Netflix/iTunes/Google Play package, etc.), in exchange for TitraFilm handling the storage of the master DCP and master files.

Films in Progress 39 Award

LA BARBARIE by Andrew Sala (Argentina)

With this second feature film, Andrew Sala leads this story as a real thriller with multiple twists in the depths of the Argentina Pampa in a cattle farm. The filmmaker directs his film with mastery until the final outcome brought with intelligence and subtlety. He paints a remarkable fresco of the social classes living in these remote regions of Argentina, a reflection on a world that seems so far away and yet so topical today.
The Jury

EAUX VIVES PRODUCTIONS coordinates the awarded film post-production together with the other award partners, including four weeks of post-production follow-up for up to € 4 300.

LA CAISSE CENTRALE D’ACTIVITÉS SOCIALES DU PERSONNEL DES INDUSTRIES ÉLECTRIQUES ET GAZIÈRES (CCAS) offers to the awarded film a three weeks residency in Paris to be able to complete the film’s post-production or promotion in France.

Le Studio MACTARI offers services for audio editing and sound mixing up to € 15 000 (technicians not included).

FRENCH KISS STUDIO - SARABAND offer image post-production services for up to € 5 000 (4K DCI calibration Cinema / Credits / DCP). This provision of services is to be used for image post-production on the 2020-2021 studio rates, excluding technicians' salaries.


UTAMA by Alejandro Loayza Grisi (Bolivia, Uruguay)

Given by: Bruno Deloye, Ciné +

CINÉ+ TV Network guarantees the awarded film to be purchased for the amount of € 15 000 and to be broadcasted on its network. This amount will be given to the distributor on condition that the film will be commercially exhibited in French theaters within the first two years following the Films in Progress screening.


Given by:
Alexis Mas (Condor, France) - member of Europa Distribution
Seppe Vanhaecke (Moov, Belgium) - member of Europa Distribution
Maret Wolff  (Kino Metropol, Germany) - member of CICAE

We were touched by this beautiful piece of ethnographic cinema, based on a simple but universal and very sincere story.
Through its characters and landscapes, the film portrays a world that is disappearing, under the fate of climate change and rural exodus.
Sound and cinematography are perfectly mastered, to immerge us into this lost corner of the world, and finally delivers a big and urgent message.

The Jury


UTAMA by Alejandro Loayza Grisi (Bolivia, Uruguay)

EUROPA DISTRIBUTION offers to promote the awarded film to its 110 independent distributors network.

• The CONFÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES CINÉMAS D’ART ET D’ESSAI (CICAE) will systematically inform its 2 000 members about the film. This will make the distribution companies aware of this film and promote its circulation.



  • PROJETO PARADISO offers a $5,000 grant to each of the two Brazilian films selected, to support the final post-production work and the internationalization of both films.

RIO DOCE by Felippe Fernandes (Brazil)

Deserto Particular by Aly Muritiba (Brazil)


PRODUCERS NETWORK (Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes) offers an accreditation for the Producers Network to the producer of one of the films selected in Films in Progress Toulouse.

• The OCCITANIE REGION supports Films in Progress and Films in Development and contributes to the presence of directors and producers as well as professionals involved in co-production and post-production support schemes.


Films in Development 16


BR Lab Award

Given by Rafael Sampaio, Br Lab director

KAYE by Juan Caceres (Chile)

•  THE BRLAB invites the awarded project to the workshop organised in São Paulo.

The BrLab (Brazil) became a reference for the development of Latin-American projects in Brazil. The meetings promoted in Cinélatino’s festival facilitate international cooperation opportunities, support cinematographic production in Latin America, and the promotion of Brazilian productions abroad. The BrLab became a space where professionals spontaneously merge to establish contacts around new projects; these initiatives often create precious partnerships.


Le Lokal Award

Given by Philippe Aussel and Cecilia Barnabé, Le Lokal Production

BLOQUES ERRÁTICOS by Thomas Woodroffe (Argentina / Chile / France)

LE-LOKAL offers a 3. 500 € grant for post-production services. This grant will be given to one of the projects selected at the end of the Film in Development meetings. It is valid for subtitling, credits with master releases and festival cuts and DCP, staff salaries included and/or calibration (with technicians).
Le-loKal is a welcoming and ambitious production company with recognized expertise in post-production. Established for 17 years in Occitanie, it has developed numerous documentary, animation and short film projects. When it comes to post-production, high-end equipment, universal workflow, as well as high-rate skills, allow to provide innovative technical solutions, adapted to specific needs.