Awards Films in Progress 35 Toulouse 2019

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The FILMS IN PROGRESS TOULOUSE, the SPECIAL CINÉ + en construction, and the EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTORS AND EXHIBITORS awards are given at the Films in Progress 35 meeting which takes place during the 31th edition of Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse (22th-31th March 2018).



It consists in post-production services and the promotion of the awarded film offered by the partnered companies.

  • MACTARI will offer services of sound mixing up to 15 000 € (technician not included).
  • TITRAFILM gives the distributor or French sales company of the winning film a budget worth €3,000 (DCP creation and/or duplication, creation of Netflix/iTunes/Google Play package, etc.), in exchange for TITRAFILM handling the storage of the master DCP and master files.
  • LES ACTIVITES SOCIALES DE L'ENERGIE will offer a five weeks residency in Paris to the winner towards the completion of the post-production or the promotion of the film in France.
  • EAUX VIVES together with the business partners will coordinate the awarded film post-production that includes 4 weeks of followed post-production up to 8 600€.
  • FIREFLY will provide free Firefly software suite to calibrate the awarded film.


  • CINÉ +  TV network guarantees to purchase the winning film for the amount of 15 000 euros and to broadcast it on its network. This sum will be given to the distributor on condition that this film will be commercially exhibited in French theatres within the first two years following the Films in Progress screening.


  • EUROPA DISTRIBUTION will promote the film to its 120 independant distributors network.
  • La CONFÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DES CINÉMAS D’ART ET D’ESSAI (CICAE) will systematically inform their 2 000 members about the film in order to inform them and to promote the movie.



  • The PRODUCERS NETWORK (Marché du Film - Cannes Festival) offers one Producers Network accreditation to one of the producer of a film selected in Toulouse Films in Progress.
  • La RÉGION OCCITANIE / PYRÉNÉES-MÉDITARRANÉE supports Films in Progress and Cinéma en Développement by contributing towards the presence of film directors and producers (whose films have been selected) as well as cinema professionals (co-production and post-production) who participate in those help facilities.