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21st of MARCH, 2018 in TOULOUSE


Cinéma en Développement is a place where professionals from Latin America and Europe can connect. It's all about meetings and exchanges : the objective of this hub is to put the professionals who want to discover new talents and projects in touch with directors or producers who are developing a project and who want to create or reinforce their professional network. 


Cinéma en Développement can receive around twenty producers or directors with a project at different stages (writing, financing, production, post-production) and formats (feature-length fiction films, documentaries, animation and short-films). A match-making will be done to make easier the encounter with potential partners, producers, sellers, distributors, channels and to get some feedbacks. Directors and producers of the selected projects will meet the professionals during individual meetings of 30 minutes.


The 13rd Edition


You can discover here the selected projects of the 13rd edition

You can download here the catalog of the projects



A lot of films of Cinéma en Développement have been noticed by festivals and institutions, especially :

  • Las herederas, Marcelo Martinessi (Cinéma en Développement 9) is supported by the Ibermedia program and the World Cinema Fund of Berlin. It won the Prize of the Torino Film Lab.
  • El baile y el salón, Iván Porras Meléndez (Cinéma en Développement 10) is supported by the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, the Ibermedia program and the Film Production Center of Costa Rica. It won the Argos Prize in the Coproduction Forum of Guadalajara 2016. 
  • La larga noche de Francisco Sanctis, Francisco Márquez and Andrea Testa (Cinéma en Développement 10) has been selected to the Cannes Festival 2016 in the section Un Certain Regard, and it was in competition for the Caméra d’Or. It won the Best Film Prize in the Independant Film Festival of Buenos Aires 2016.
  • Breve Historia Del Planeta Verde, Santiago Loza (Cinéma en Développement 10) is supported by the World Cinema Fund of Berlin. It participated to the Gap Financing Market of Venise and was selected to the Miami Festival 2016.
  • Las hijas de Alonso, Kattia González Zúñiga (Cinéma en Développement 10) is supported by the Ibermedia program and participated to the Coproduction Forum of the San Sebastian Festival 2016.



Each year, the BrLab look into the projects of Cinéma en Développement. The project that receives the BrLab Prize is invited to participate to a workshop organized in Novembre in Sao Paulo.

French Kiss Studio offers 3​.500 € of service provisions for post-production in its studio for the post-production of image and/or sound on the basis of the 2017-2018 prices (wages of technicians are not included)



There are two ways to participate:

  • By an application open to the directors that are selected for the festival and to the professionals established in Occitanie
  • Through partnerships established between Cinéma en Développement and organizations from Latin America and Europe


Eva Morsch Kihn
Platform Coodinator

Lola Canales