Films in progress submission 35

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MARCH 28ND & 29RD 2019

Deadline for presenting a work-in-progress:
January the 21st 2019

Films in Progress 35 will take place in Toulouse on march 28nd and 29rd 2019 in the scope of Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse festival (March 22-31 2019)

Films in Progress, a joint initiative between Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse and the San Sebastian Festival, endeavours to facilitate the completion of rigorously selected independant latinoamerican films. They are facing difficulties in finding their way into the post-production stage.

Since 2002, this double event presents an annual selection of 12 works-in-progress in two sessions: 6 films in Toulouse in march and 6 films in september in San Sebastián.

Films in Progress allows for these films to be finalized, it gives them an international visibility among professionals and promotes their circulation and exhibition.


Films in progress encourages the meeting and cooperation between the producers of the selected works-in-progress and european partners to make the films reach screens and audiences. With more than 300 profesionnals, amongst the most influencial on the european and international level, which take part each year to these two sessions, Films in Progress is the meeting point with the latin american films.


In this difficult context and within big transformations, Films in Progress has for objective to contribute in an efficient way, not only to help finishing the selected movies and improve their international enhancement, but also to bring them in the circuit of distribution and marketing. In 2018 the movies supported by Films in Progress have been selected in the main Film festivals, and most of them have been released in France: Los silencios by Beatriz Seigner selected in The directors Forthnight in Cannes, Familia Sumergida by María Alché and Temporada by Andrè Novais were premiered in the Locarno Film Festival, Marylin by Martín Rodríguez Redondo was presented in Berlin, Ferrugem by Aly Curitiba was in Sundance and Berlin, Enigma by Ignacio Juricic Merlan, Familia Sumergida,  Ferrugem, Los silencios, Marilyn, were part of the selection of the San Sebastián Film Festival.

Main of contemporary latin-american directors have been revealed and supported at one point by Films in Progress : Pablo Larraín, Jayro Bustamente, Ciro Guerra, Emiliano Torres, Pepa San Martín, Christopher Murray, Juan Sebastián Mesa, Lorenzo Vigas, Mariana Rondón, Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Sebastián Lelio, Juan Andrés Arango, Amat Escalante, Benjamín Ávila, William Vega… and a lot more.


By involving film professionals capable of contributing to the post-production, and by encouraging distributors and promoters to diversify their offer, San Sebastian and Toulouse promote the cultural diversity based on a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.



  • Toulouse's Films in Progress Award consists in post-production services to be made in France, offered by prestigious organisations: a residence in Paris by the CCAS, audio post-production from Mactari, tecnicals works from TitraFilm, color correction program by Firelfly and the coordindaton of the post-production from Eaux vives.
  •  Ciné + Award  consists in the guarantee of a purchase to the french distributor of the winning film for the amount of 15.000 euros by Ciné + broadcast
  • European Distributors and Exhibitors Award consists in the promotion of the winning film in the networks of 120 distributors of Europa Distribution and in the 2.000 exhibitors of CICAE.


  • The feature films presented must be a minoritaire or major latin american production
  • The lenght of the feature film in its final version must be superior to 60 minutes
  • The registrated film must be at the post-production stage (minimum first cut)
  • The cut submited for the evaluation must be subtitled in English or in Spanish if it is not spoken in spanish
  • There is no charge of fees for the registration
  • The inscription have to be done onlinehere 
  • Dead line : January the 21st 2019
  • In the case that the film is selected:

    • the director and the producer have to be in Toulouse on march 27-30 of 2019
    • the film must be subtitled in english 
    • the screening format is Blu Ray (3 copies for back up)

The selection will be anounced early march 2019


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