O homem que matou a minha amada morta (en)

O homem que matou a minha amada morta

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International title: 

To My Beloved Dead

Original version: 



Aly Muritiba


  • Brazil




125 min


Aly Muritiba


Aly Muritiba, João Menna Barreto

Director of photography: 

Pablo Baião


Fernando Alves Pinto, Mayana Neiva, Lourinelson Vladimir


Brief synopsis of the project: 

Fernando is a man who takes care of his only son Daniel, a shy and sensitive boy. After the death of Ana, his wife, every night Fernando recalls his love by putting together his dead wife’s stuff. One day he finds a VHS tape that will change this routine and will put him on the track of the man who ruined the image he had of his beloved wife.

Director's biography: 

Aly Muritiba is a partner of the Grafo Audiovisual production company. As a director and screenwriter he has made seven shorts, including A Fábrica (The Factory, 2011), nominated for the 83rd Academy Awards and winner of sixty accolades at international festivals, and Pátio (Quadrangle, 2013), a participant in the Critics’ Week at Cannes. The project for O homem que matou a minha amada morta (To My Beloved Dead) was selected for the I Europe- Latin America Co-production Forum (San Sebastian Festival 2012).


O homem que matou a minha amada morta
2011 - A Fábrica - court-métrage/ short / cortometraje
2011 - A Fabrica - court-métrage/ short / cortometraje
2013 - Pátio - documetaire / documentary / documental
2013 - A Gente - documetaire / documentary / documental