Kelaku, la mujer jaguar (en)

Kelaku, la mujer jaguar



Isabel Rodríguez
Segundo Fuérez


  • Ecuador



Script writer(s): 

Isabel Rodríguez


The equilibrium times in the world of the half (Mid-Kingdom) seem to be ending. The Middle Kingdom (the Kitu Karas) until now had flourished in peace and harmony, now they saw the signs of an apocalyptic future. The dark forces of the Southern Empire are approaching, traveling through entire villages, seeking conquests, seizing the fertile lands and, above all, the knowledge of this people.
An orphan girl rescued from the rubble of a looted community must defend the most important sacred temple in this world, guide its people from the most implacable destruction and save them. For this, she will make a great journey of spiritual discovery as well as of physical strengthening through the route of energy: the chain of the highest mountains (Apus) in the world.

Visual concept: 

The film is aimed at a children's audience.  For this target public we have chosen a 2d animation technique. We rescue the symbolism of the oldest indigenous culture of Ecuador (Kitu Kara culture), that lies in their crafts and graphic representations. It is a culture whose notion of beauty is based in the harmony between the world above, the center and the bottom. Everything has an order and a function. We will work the graphic from this perspective It is a tribute and a call for recognition Kitu Karas legacy. The appearance (physiognomy) of the characters will be based on photographs of people from the local communities, inhabitants who still carry particular features of eyes, noses, mouths and faces resembling that of the Kitu karas.