Los reyes del mundo (en)

Los reyes del mundo



Laura Mora


  • Colombia


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Laura Mora et Manuel Villa


Rape (17), Culebro (16), Sere (14), Winny (11)  Nano (13) 5 street kids from Medellín. 5 Kings without kingdom, without family, without Law, rootless. In their hands they have some old property titles from a piece of land that apparently Rape inherited, a treasure. They leave the city, cross the mountain range into the Bajo Cauca, in search of a Kingdom of their own. On the road, they´ll be victims and victimizers, they will rob and attack, but they will also be robed and tortured. On the journey Sere will find God, the sense of power will make Rape loose his mind, he will kill Culebro, his own friend, Nano will disappear into the Jungle, Winny will be murdered. Rape will be the only survivor, insane, alone, the oldest kid in the world. The Kings of the World is a fantasy story, anarchic, a journey to nowhere, where anything can happen. A tale of ambition, in search of a Promised Land.

Visual concept: 

This is the story of a wild Clan. 5 kids that have been expelled from society, that represent an anarchic view of the world, and that will be transformed by a savage landscape.
The idea is to explore the cinematic language, create poetry and metaphors that reflect a fantasy world, through the eyes of this kids, in the midst of a violent context like the Colombian one. The goal is not to make a portrait of reality, but instead use sound and image to create a kind of subversion in the aesthetic and narrative.
Ref : Mobile Men d'Apichatpong Weerasethakul.