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Peru’s Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (CCPUCP) are announcing this year’s edition of Cinema of Tomorrow, the professional section of the 25th Lima Film Festival PUCP.

As part of this section, and following the collaboration between the Lima Film Festival PUCP and Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, Cinema of Tomorrow will now host the 40th Films in Progress, an initiative dedicated to Latin American films at the post-production stage that was established 19 years ago.

Films in Progress replaces Cinema of Tomorrow Works in progress, by opening the section to films from all over Latin America.

The section is supported by Entity for the Management of Audiovisual Producers Rights - EGEDA Peru and Guarango Cinema and Video Association.



To favor the completion of Latin American films as well as showcasing them for industry professionals and experts in order to promote alliances, technical and financial support.



Latin American films can be submitted, as well as co-productions with Latin America, as long as they are submitted on time and they match the following requirements:

• To be in the post-production stage (first cut minimum) Also, taking into account the impact of the pandemic on the production of films, projects that have not completely finished filming will be accepted exceptionally this year.
• The cut submitted must have a duration equal to or longer than 45 minutes. The duration of the finished film must be equal to or longer than 75 minutes.
• If the film is not spoken in Spanish, the cut presented for the evaluation must be subtitled in English or Spanish.

In case the film is selected:
• The cut must include English subtitles.
• The holders of the respective rights must present the document that authorizes the programming of the cinematographic work in the professional section object of this call.



The companies interested in participating must be the producers of the cinematographic work and must register through the following form:

Online registration form

The registration is free.
It should be noted that it is only possible to submit a project twice (whether consecutively or not) for the Films in Progress section.



Submissions will be reviewed and, in case errors or omissions are detected, applicants will receive a message informing that a two day additional period has been granted in order for them to complete the missing information.

The email will also indicate how to correct the information. No additional time will be granted, even in the case of technical problems suffered by the applicants. If the missing information is not presented on time, films will be considered as not submitted.



Applications that comply with the provisions of this call will be evaluated by a Committee established by the Lima Film Festival and Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse. The Committee will select six (6) films that will be scheduled for online viewing, with limited access.

Additionally, the Committee can select up to six Peruvian productions which will not be part of Films in Progress but will be chosen for a parallel program that will include the participation of experts from the film industry, with the aim of strengthening said projects.



The selected films will be available on a restricted online service for accredited professionals from Europe, Latin America and other countries, including representatives of funds, residencies, distributors, sales agents and festival programmers.



The selected films will be eligible to receive prizes:

  • The Films in Progress award given by a jury appointed by the Ministry of Culture, the Lima Film Festival PUCP and Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse, within the framework of Cinema of Tomorrow.
  • USD 4,000.00 (Four thousand and 00/100 US dollars) awarded to the project winner of the Films in Progress Award by the Entity for the Management of Audiovisual Producers Rights - EGEDA Peru.
  • DCP authoring as well as Blu-Ray and H264, and one year of cloud storage for the files of the final version of the winning work, by the Guarango Cinema and Video Association.

The winning film must include the corresponding credits and logos, as determined by the organizers.



Call for submissions: May 12th, 2021
Registration deadline: June 23th, 2021.
Announcement of selected films: August 4th 2021.
Films in Progress: begins August 23, 2021.

The dates described above may vary in case of controversy or due to force majeure if they interfere with the normal development of this call. To this end, the organizers will issue a statement to be published on its official website.



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