7 cajas (en)

7 cajas
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International title: 

7 crates

Original version: 



Juan Carlos Maneglia
Tana Schémbori


  • Paraguay


105 min.


Juan Carlos Maneglia


Juan Carlos Maneglia - Juan Zelada

Director of photography: 

Richard Careaga


Celso Franco, Nico García, Víctor Sosa, Lali González

Synopsis : 

It's Friday in Asunción and the temperature is 40ºC. Victor, a 17 years-old wheelbarrow boy, dreams of becoming famous and can't take his eyes off a TV set in Paraguay's Mercado 4. He's offered the chance to deliver seven boxes without knowing what they contain in exchange for 100$. But what sounded like an easy job soon gets complicated. Inside the boxes is something that everyone wants. 


Premio Cinéma en Construction - Festival de San Sebastián - España - 2011


Director's biography: 

Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schémbori are licensed in Communication Sciences and their passion is film. Both seek their own language and a Paraguayan film to identify them. Together they made short films that got international awards and TV series that contributed to the consolidation of fiction in Paraguayan television. 7 cajas is their first feature film. 

Production notes: 

The background of PRODUCERS MANEGLIA SCHÉMBORI lies in the shorts made by MANEGLIA in the 80's. As from 1990. he and schémbori started co-directing short films, TV series and serials. MANEGLIA always visited Asuncion's Mercado 4 and, fascinated by the place, started observing its barrowboys. That's when he came up with the outline of the plot for 7 Cajas, creating a tale of suspense set in the Market, and underworld with its own codes, with different characters and spaces of a visual wealth never represented on screen. 

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