El Príncipe (The Prince) (en)

El Príncipe

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Premier film


Sebastián Muñoz


  • Argentina
  • Chile


120 min


Luis Barrales, Sebastián Muñoz


Danielle Fillios


Ángela Acuña

Director of photography: 

Enrique Stindt


Alfredo Castro, Juan Carlos Maldonado, Gaston Pauls, Cesare Cerra, Paola Volpato, Catalina Martin.



Synopsis : 

San Bernardo, Chile, 1970. One drunken night, Jaime, a lonely and narcissistic 20 year-old, stabs his best friend in what seems to have been a fit of passion. Sentenced to prison, he meets El Potro, an older, respected man to whom he becomes close, revealing both a profound need for warmth and his ferocious desire to be recognised. Together they establish a relationship known in prison terms as "black love", enabling Jaime, now "El Príncipe", to discover affections and loyalties, as well as the power struggles that go on behind bars.

Director's biography: 

Sebastián Muñoz holds a degree from the Arcis University Film School. He has participated as an art director in the most notable films of today’s new Chilean cinema, such as Play, Turistas and Il Futuro, by Alicia Scherson, Ilusiones ópticas, by Cristián Jiménez, Los debutantes, 199 recetas para ser feliz and Un caballo llamado Elefante, by Andrés Waissbluth, as well as Chile puede, by Ricardo Larraín, among others. In 1996 he shot his first short film, La felicidad, and in 1997, La buena suerte. El príncipe is his first film, based on a novel by Mario Cruz, set in a prison in 1970.