Sweet River (en)

Rio Doce
  • Rio Doce

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Fellipe Fernandes


  • Brazil




90 min


Fellipe Fernandes


Quentin Delaroche

Director of photography: 

Pedro Sotero


Okado do Canal
Cíntia Lima
Cláudia Santos
Carlos Francisco
Nash Laila
Thassia Cavalcanti
Amanda Gabriel



Synopsis : 

Tiago is a worker who discovers the identity of his absent father when his half-sisters show up, which leads him to question his own identity on the eve of his 28th birthday. Living in Rio Doce (Sweet River), on the outskirts of Olinda, part of the Recife metropolitan area in northeastern Brazil, he struggles to find his place in the world. During this process, he strengthens significant emotional bonds, thus transforming his way of being and seeing the world.


- Development : Funcultura (Pernambuco State Fund)
- Production + Post-production : Funcultura (Pernambuco State Fund) et FSA (Ancine - National Film Agency).

Fellipe Fernandes

Director's biography: 

Fellipe Fernandes is a Brazilian filmmaker and journalist. He has worked as assistant director to filmmakers such as Kleber Mendonça Filho, Tavinho Teixeira and Renata Pinheiro. His first short as director, Delusion is redemption for those in distress, and premiered at La Semaine de la Critique of Cannes Festival 2016. In 2019 his second short film Tempestade, premiered at Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes. Rio Doce (Sweet River), his first feature, is now in post-production.


- Delusion is redemption to those in distress (O Delírio é a redenção dos aflitos), 2016
Semaine de la Critique 2016 ; Chicago International Film Festival, 2016 ; Festival de Brasilia de Cine Brasileño 2016 (Best Script, Best Direction, Best Production Designer) ; Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse 2017
- Storm (Tempestade), 2019
Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes 2019 ; Janela Internacional de Cinema 2019 ; Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro - Curta Cinema 2019

Production notes: 

We have produced Fellipe Fernandes’s films since the beginning of his career as a screenwriter and director. As producers, we seek fruitful work relationships in which we act as creative producers. Rio Doce is a project that we are very proud of. It is also Fellipe’s first feature. We believe in the power of the film mainly based on his work as director and on Okado's performance. Even though this is a challenging time to release and distribute a film, we are excited by the beginning of this journey.