Todos tus muertos (en)

Todos tus muertos
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International title: 

All your dead ones

Original version: 



Carlos Moreno


  • Colombia




90 min.


Alonso Torres, Carlos Moreno


Andrés Porras, Carlos moreno

Director of photography: 

Diego Jiménez


Alvaro Rodríguez, Jorge Herrera, Martha Márquez, Harold Devasten, Jhon Alex Castillo


Synopsis : 

Sunday, election day. Salvador gets up early and starts working on his allotment. He's a calm, humble man, who pays litlle attention to the village commotion over election of the new mayor. But his routine is suddenly thrown into confusion. In the early hours of the morning, someone has dumped several corpses in a macabre pile among his corn plants. 


Director's biography: 

His directorial debut, Perro come perro, enjoyed its premiere at Sundance 2008 and participated in over 40 festivals, receiving 11 international awards, 5 national awards and a nomination for both the Goya and Ariel awards. He also directed the documentary Uno, la historia de un gol, and episodes of the TV series Sin retorno, Tiempo final and Los caballeros las prefieren brutas. 


Uno, la historia de un gol, documentary

Production notes: 

Company headed by the producers Diego F. Ramírez and Nancy Fernández. He previously produced the prize-winning film Perro come perro and the documentary Uno, la historia de un gol by Carlos Moreno and Gerardo Muyshondt, in co-production with 205-N Producciones (El Salvador). He is currently working on: Black River (Steen Agro), Los funerales (Oscar Campo), La cacería (Carlos Moreno), Lobos perdidos (Harold Devasten) and Delete and 180 segundos (Alexander Giraldo). Todos tus muertos won the Production Prize from FDC Colombia and was invited to participate in the Freiburg Forum 2009.