Ave y nada (en)

Ave y nada



José Antonio Cordero


  • Mexico


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

José Antonio Cordero


Two deaf half-siblings of indigenous origin live as a couple in Mexico City’s outskirts. Nada works as a janitor in a fancy gym, while Ave does the same in a gay sex club. Ave wants to father Nada’s  child but she strangley refuses any intercourse with him. Since she has joined the Jehovah's Witnesses and has become obsessed with the verses of the Song of Songs, the couple’s life seems to become mythical. Iván, a young mysterious businessman, tries to seduce Ave at his work. Being rejected, Iván becomes increasingly obsessed with Ave and his partner. When Nada miraculously gets pregnant, Ave decides to accept Iván's friendship and financial aid. In a tragic twist of fate, Iván finds Nada alone at her work when the venue is closed. After trying to seduce her, he sexually attacks and strangles her. It is then we discover that he is the owner of the two businesses where the couple worked.

Visual concept: 

In the film, realistic but artificial lighting will prevail. The characters' sanctity will be remarked, as in religious icons, through their "inner light". Sequences will be shot with a still camera in open, high and low angles and anamorphic lenses, slowly approaching or getting away from the characters with few close-ups. As our protagonists are deaf people, the dialogues in sign language will contrast the voice-over narration, quoting Song of Songs passages in a neutral style. Music will be a liturgical, contemporary choral ensemble work.