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Carlos Segundo


  • Brazil
  • France


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Sideral - Short Fiction Film Competition

Script writer(s): 

Carlos Segundo


Vicente is a musician of limited talent and obsessed with rock. On the day of his grandmother's late husband's death anniversary, she commits suicide. Vicente had been raised by her. Without anyone else around, he refuses to let Helena's body be taken. Vicente finds Helena's journal, and with it, suggestions of all sorts of physical and emotional violence she had suffered from his grandfather. He gets numb. In his new job, he has the opportunity to meet women from different walks of life, especially Shirley. He needs to confront his memories alone. He burns his grandfather's military uniform. Vicente and Shirley connect and get involved. They kill her violent husband. Vicente drives his car, loaded with boxes, along a highway. Shirley sleeps in the passenger's seat.

© O sopro do tempo

Visual concept: 

On my short journey as a director, I've come to discover myself as an aesthete pressing for form. I think of form as a creative power and not as inhibiting drive. I understand the possibility of redesigning the form based on the universe to be explored, on the situation presented, and on the elements I have available in each new project. As a reference, I leave the latest movies I've made – Sideral and De Vez em Quando eu Ardo – that make the foundation of this new project.