To die on your feet (en)

Morir de pie



María Paz González


  • Chile

Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Morir de pie - Focus | Le goût du rire 2021

Script writer(s): 

María Paz González


Cruz (40) is an actress who has dedicated her career to interpreting characters in front of medicine students at a university. She is a simulated patient, who practices emotions and who reenacts, for young doctors, realities which are unknown to them. Nothing disturbs Cruz's life too much until one night when she jogs in the gym of her building and sees a body fall from above. Cruz is the only witness, but instead of helping the victim she keeps jogging, a reaction that is recorded by security cameras, and questioned by the police as a result of her reaction. Cruz feels that she had lost all connection with her own feelings and tries to force real emotions inside her at the same time she starts to question the social roles that typecast her.

Visual concept: 

A psychological drama with touches of black humor whose story passes between two spaces initially well defined: a simulation hospital that corresponds to the protagonist’s work, and her real life. The first place is cold and controlled. Everything want to be real but it’s not. Instead, a silent chaos reigns in her daily life until a fortuitous event interupts it. From that moment both worlds start to combine with each other, and reality reveals itself like a place built on roles and appearances.