GarotoNeon (en)




Filipe Matzembacher
Marcio Reolon


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Beira-Mar, 2015 (Feature film competition)

Script writer(s): 

Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon


Pedro, 25 years old, is abandoned by his older sister, Luiza, who moves to another country. He, a performer for an erotic website, isolates himself in the dark world of his bedroom, in the search of something that can fill his emptyness. One day, he meets another performer, Leo, a 19 year-old boy, that soon becomes his work partner. They fall in love, while thousands of people watch them through the webcam. Tired of the lack of privacy, they turn off the lights. And find out that love glows in the dark.

Visual concept: 

We want to explore the webcam as a significant part of the narrative. It is very important to create two different worlds - the virtual and the material ones. The camera will be more steady, with slow movements in the material world. It is a colder, less vivid environment. In the virtual one, the characters can manipulate the camera themselves. Cut-ins in the pixelated image will help to create a more lively and free atmosphere. If the sound is realistic and noisy in one world, in the other becomes almost as if suspended, with very little to hear.