Going Back Home (en)

Volver a casa



Catalina Alarcón


  • Chile


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

La Gambeta - Compétition Court-métrage fiction 2021

Script writer(s): 

Catalina Alarcón


In Valparaíso’s prison, inmates’ human rights are violated on a daily basis. A cultural program allows a group of inmates to go back home through virtual reality experiences. Ariel (20) has a terminally ill mother, Cueto (45) dreams of seeing his nieces again, Mr Claudio (54) is an outsider who misses the sea and Franco (26) is desperate to finish his sentence and reunite with his son. They live different experiences and are helped by the others who create the best environment possible, a contrast to the abuse of the prison guards, which they learn to cope with together. Their last VR experience is collective, they all virtually attend Franco's wedding after he finishes his sentence. They moved around like they were dancing, contrasting with the cold walls of the prison surrounding them.

Visual concept: 

The inmates will live virtual reality experiences that will connect them with their families. In prison, the body reacts to VR as if it were in the place where they virtually visit, so the inmates are guided and accompanied in each of these experiences, which produces a sort of “dance” among them. The camera will follow the inmate's movements and reactions. The VR experiences will be shot by their families with a 360 camera, footage that will be adapted to the screen in landscape format