Julgamento sob suspeita (en)

Julgamento sob suspeita



Maria Augusta Ramos


  • Brazil
  • Portugal


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Maria Augusta Ramos


Julgamento sob suspeita is about the profound crisis of democracy taking place in Brazil since the beginning of the criminal investigation known as “Car Wash”. Spreading over Latin America, this anti-corruption operation is responsible for the downfall of the Brazilian economy and the election of the far-right politician Bolsonaro. The film follows the work of three journalists from the newspaper ‘El País’. In partnership with The Intercept, they publish a series of reports based on the private messages exchanged between prosecutors and the Judge heading the operation, Sergio Moro. These leaked messages exposed the backstage of the operation revealing the promiscuous relations between parties and their hidden political agenda. A clear case of ‘lawfare’, the operation caused the ruin of construction companies and the condemnation of President Lula, considered a miscarriage of justice.

Visual concept: 

The film follows three journalists at the newspaper El País as they investigate the ‘Car Wash’ Operation in the light of the leaked files obtained by The Intercept Brazil. In an observational style,  we will news room discussions. staff  meetings (with editors in Chief editor), conversations with politicians, defence attorneys and defendants involved in the Operation Car Wash, as well as interviews with Supreme Court Justices. The film will also document the decisions and policies adopted by the right wing Bolsonaro government.