Las Tumanas (en)

Las Tumanas



Mariano Cócolo


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

La Calma, Fiction Feature Film Competition.

Foreseen cast: 

Erica Rivas, Nahuel Perez Biscayart

Script writer(s): 

Mariano Cócolo


Sonia and her son Santiago travel in a Citroen Ami 8 crossing the mountain road that connects Mendoza with Las Tumanas, a legendary site in the heart of the San Juan valleys. Sonia is an academic violinist. Santiago, her son, a sound documentary maker who pursues the spirit of popular music. Hi is sick, she does not assume it yet. Although silence has kept them in parallel worlds for years the journey opens up the possibility for them to face what is never talked about: their ideological cracks, mutual weaknesses the taboo of death. While traveling through an increasingly desert landscape between recordings and playlists, they enter the original ruins of Las Tumanas, the Temple according to Santiago, to practice a ritual. Sonia is already another in front of the worst goodbye for a mother.

Visual concept: 

The landscapes from Mendoza to Las Tumanas will be the settings for this road movie. The photograph will be treated with natural light with an almost filmic grain. The sound will be fundamental since we will not only create an atmosphere of this magical place, but also the story will have musical moments. Our main character Santiago is inspired by Rodrigo Cara who died in 2016 and was a great friend of director Mariano Cócolo.