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Yimit Ramírez


  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 


Script writer(s): 

Yimit Ramírez & Julia Scrive-loyer


Behind closed doors, four Cuban policemen work on a case. They watch on a TV the videos on a camera found in open sea. The camera has passed from hand to hand and contains videos of the daily life of three Cuban citizens from different social classes. Antonio (55), a rich Cuban, decides before leaving the country to sell his camera to Yeny (26), a film student who wants to make a documentary about the Cuban marginal world. Yuma (25), a pickpocket, answers her call but ends up being the new owner of the camera. For him, the camera is more than a toy, but through it he discovers the zoom and the incredible power of documenting his surroundings in Centro Havana. This is the policemen’s first viewing of the material during the investigation. We see these videos but we are not able to see the cops, just the screen of your television. We listen as they judge and criticize harshly.

Visual concept: 

Loading…  is at the final stage of development: this stage is completely financed. We won the Ibermedia Development Fund 2018. We have 21% of the total budget insured. We are currently writing the 3rd version of the script. We are starting the search of financings for production. We plan to shoot in 2020 between Cuba and the Dominican Republic.