Peteyem. Memories of a kawesqar in New York (en)

Peteyem. Memories of a kawesqar in New York



Ignacio Leonidas
Rodrigo Tenuta


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Twakana Yagan - Documentary Short Film Competition.

Script writer(s): 

Ignacio Leonidas, Rodrigo Tenuta et Carlos Eden Maidel


Peteyem is one of the only 8 native Kawésqar survivors, declared a "Living Human Treasure” by UNESCO. He was born in Puerto Edén, Chile, on an unspecified date. Just a few months later, his parents died in a canoe accident. Subsequently, he was adopted by the manager of a radio station and his wife, who named him Cárlos Edén. When his adoptive mother died, Carlos decided to start traveling around the country. Due to his association with the MIR, he was persecuted by the Chilean Armed Forces. In 1978, he scaped to Argentina where he was finally arrested and tortured on suspicion of being a Chilean spy during the Argentine-Chilean Conflict. As the World Cup was held in Argentina, he was visited by international observers and transferred to the U.S. as a political refugee.

© Waia Films

Visual concept: 

The film’s proposal will be oriented to the observational record, using a stabilized camera that will accompany our protagonist throughout the story. We also plan to use archival material, such as film pieces from the Kawésqar Community and Carlos’ own personal records from his years of indigenous activism as well as from the United Nations forums in which he has participated. The voiceover of his story will be a fundamental piece for the construction of his memories.