Todos os demônios estão mortos (en)

Todos os demônios estão mortos



Marcus Vinícius Vasconcelos


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Marcus Vinícius Vasconcelos


Felipe is a 6-year-old boy, who spends most of his time alone with his grandfather, José, while his mother, Joana, is away from home, working hard to support the family. The tedious and silent routine of the house is broken only by Jose’s recurrent breakdowns. Suffering from Alzheimer’s, when José is not sedated, he become an authoritarian person, flashes of the time when he ran his farm. In the daily tension and solitude, Felipe starts to use imagination to communicate with his grandfather, pretending to share José’s rural past reality. The film runs through this arid daily life, in a constant shift from countryside and city, the rural past and the urban present, the objective and subjective worlds, portraying the routine of an old patriarch nailing the end of his life and that of a boy who grows up mirroring himself in his grandfather’s demented and anachronistic model.

Visual concept: 

All the beasts are dead is a drama, aimed for adult audiences, to be produced in 2D animation, seeking for a handmade visual style, with loose and vibrant trait, that reflects the dramatic intention of each scene. It portrays the characters’ subjective universe, making no distinction between past and present, nor between reality and daydream, in a silent and contemplative pace, but suffocating and speckled with flashes of violence and tension.