Trova Tanguera (en)

Trova Tanguera



Luz Balaña


  • Argentina
  • France


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

In partnership with the Occitanie region.

Script writer(s): 

Luz Balaña


With Trova Tanguera, I want to transmit the militant and artistic energy that I have nourished with a group of enthusiasts of “current tango”, a movement still unknown, born twenty years ago. Coming for the most part from rock culture, young artists have fought against a stoic and aging music by reappropriating it to express a committed vision of their society. Tango, which was a culture steeped in machism and patriotism, prized in bourgeois salons favorable to the dictatorship, has returned to its popular origins, to the point of becoming the appropriate expression of all subversions. Today’s tango artists have the ability to articulate music with the collective and the political in a jubilant impulse, while Argentina is a country overthrowed by tragedies.

Visual concept: 

In general, the writing of the film is close to direct cinema, it places the camera as near as possible to the creation, and underlines my complicity with the artists, whether I interact with them or not. I’ll be close to the camera, the artists will look at me, I’ll have the freedom to define the frame, to bounce back during a conversation. Music and cinema resonate in denouncing an oppressive system and supporting its victims.