Algunas Bestias (Some beasts) (en)

Algunas Bestias
  • Algunas Bestias

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Jorge Riquelme Serrano


  • Chile




95 min


Jorge Riquelme Serrano, Nicolás Diodovich


Jorge Riquelme Serrano, Valeria Hernández

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Eduardo Bunster


Paulina García (Dolores), Alfredo Castro (Antonio), Gastón Salgado (Alejandro), Millaray Lobos (Ana), Andrew Bargsted (Máximo), Consuelo Carreño (Consuelo), Nicolás Zárate (Nicolás)


Synopsis : 

A family travels to a remote island in southern Chile. During the trip they try to convince the grandparents to support them financially to build a hotel in the place. Nicolás, the man who crossed them disappears, leaving the family trapped on the island, the smiles begin to disappear. With cold, without water and without certainties, tempers are diluted, exposing the tensions that each member of the family hides.


From the first steps of development, Algunas Bestias won the first award at the BoliviaLab 2017 and participated to the Málaga Festival Fund & Coproduction Event 2018.

Jorge Riquelme Serrano

Director's biography: 

Jorge Riquelme Serrano has worked in his career as a director, producer and screenwriter of various film projects. In 2015 he created Laberinto production company, whose projects have participated in different international markets such as Marché du Film, Cannes, EFM Berlinale Coproduction, AFM Santa Monica, California and Ventana Sur Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2016 – Camaleón - Fiction - 82 min.

Production notes: 

Laberinto is a Chilean production company for auteur films in Latin America. We are a collective of filmmakers and artists dedicated to telling social stories from a different point of view. We seek to work with international partners and support the creativity and quality of each film. We work in different stages of projects, from the conception of an idea to its completion, offering services for each stage of a production.