Blanco en blanco (White on white) (en)

Blanco en blanco
  • Blanco en blanco

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Theo Court


  • Germany
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • France




100 min


Samuel M. Delgado, Theo Court, Laure Desmazières


Manuel Muñoz Rivas


Jonay Armas

Director of photography: 

José A. Alayón


Alfredo Castro (Pedro), Lars Rudolph (Proprietario), Lola Rubio (Aurora), Alejandro Goic (Capataz)



Synopsis : 

In the prelude to the twentieth century, Pedro arrives in Tierra del Fuego to photograph the marriage of Mr. Porter, a powerful landowner, with Sara a girl who becomes her obsession. Hoping to capture her innocent beauty, he betrays the forces that dominate these lands who strip Pedro of his privileges, forcing him to integrate into a society built upon the genocide of the SelKnam people, of which he becomes a complicit participant through his images.


Hubert Bals Fund Development (Holland)
World Cinema Fund (Germany)
ICAA (Spain)
Ibermedia (Spain / Chile)
CNCA (Chile)
Eurimages Lab Project Award, Les Arcs Work In progress (France)

Theo Court

Director's biography: 

As a director and screenwriter Theo Court has worked on animation, fiction and documentary projects that have consistently attracted attention and which have had international renown, participating in many screenings and festivals throughout the world. His first feature film Ocaso premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Bright Future section. He is also a teacher at Escuela de Cine de Chile.


2010 - Ocaso - Fiction - 80 min.
2007 - Sendero - Animation - 27 min.
2004 - El Espino - Fiction - 20 min.

Production notes: 

Award winner at the Locarno International Film Festival (2015) and The Seville European Film Festival, nominated at the European Film Awards (2016), El Viaje Films started in 2004, quickly consolidating a well-recognized identity through films with a strong independent character, an interest in new narrative formulas, as well as an ethical commitment towards the subject.