El Otro hijo (en)

El Otro hijo

Chosen in: 


Juan Sebastián Quebrada


  • Colombia






Juan Sebastián Quebrada


Julie Duclaux


Carlos Quebrada

Director of photography: 

Michaël Capron


Miguel González (Federico), Jenny Navarrete (Clara), Ilona Almansa (Laura)



Synopsis : 

Federico and his brother Simon live their teenage years to the fullest, until the day Simon dies by falling from a balcony at a party. While his family falls to pieces before his eyes, Federico tries to live a normal life during his final weeks of school. Unable to mourn, he starts to grow closer to Laura, his dead brother’s girlfriend and seems to find comfort in her.


- Scriptwriting, Colombian Film Fund - FDC  Proimágenes Colombia
- Production, Colombian Film Fund – FDC Proimágenes Colombia
- Production, Aide aux Cinémas du Monde – CNC
- Minor co-production – Region Île de France
- Argentinian Cinema Institute – INCAA
- Co-production – IBERMEDIA

Director's biography: 

Juan Sebastián Quebrada studied Directing at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires and completed a postgraduate degree in Editing at the ESCAC in Barcelona. In 2015, his graduation project Días extraños premiered at BAFICI and traveled to more than 20 festivals. In 2016, his first professional short film La Casa del árbol premiered at TIFF and went to more than 35 festivals. He is currently in post-production of his first professional feature film El Otro hijo.


La Casa del árbol (2017) 16 min
Evidencia Films (Colombia) and Why Not Productions (France)
- Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Canada
- Chicago International Film Festival, USA
- Havana Film Festival, Cuba

Días extraños (2015) 68 min
Montañero Cine (Colombia, Argentina)
- BAFICI, Argentina
- Film Fest Munchen, Germany
- Festival Cinélatino - Rencontres de Toulouse, France

Production notes: 

Franco Lolli is a colombian director and producer who graduated from La Fémis. In 2011, he founded Evidencia Films in Bogotá, a film production company whose main focus is the creation of an auteur cinema both daring and with strong commercial potential on the international market. Currently, the company has completed the two feature films directed by Franco Lolli (both selected for Cannes Critics’ Week) as well as nine short films and one mini-serie.