Karen llora en un bus (en)

Karen llora en un bus
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International title: 

Karen cries on the bus

Original version: 



Gabriel Rojas Vera


  • Colombia




97 min.


Gabriel Rojas Vera


Carlos Fernando Cordero

Director of photography: 

Manuel Castañeda


Ángela Carrizosa


Synopsis : 

Karen discovers, after 10 years of marriage, that to have left behind her dreams to devote herself to the home chores has been a mistake that cost her youth. She decides then to separate and go in search of a life of her own. With her savings she rents a room in the center of Bogota and try to get a job, but her age and inexperience will make it difficult. Karen will have to decide between returning to the stability of a relationship and face life for helself. 


Director's biography: 

Gabriel Rojas Vera studied Film and Television at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has written and directed several short films, which include Look See, The shoe, One, two, three, statue and non-commercial film Cristina. He has worked as a scripwriter on the CSPC in Guadalajara, Mexico and he is currently the director of Cíclope Films. Karen cries on the bus is his debut. 


Mire a ver (shortfilm)
El zapato ( shortfilm)
Un, dos, tres, estatua ( shortfilm)
Cristina (non commercial film)

Production notes: 

CAJANEGRA Producciones is formed by a team of professionals who have participated in projects such as the feature film La sombra del caminante (The Wandering Shadows). They have produced six short films and several videoclips for Colombian musicians, on of them in 2D. CAJANEGRA Producciones is producing the film Karen llora en un bus (Karen cries on the bus), which is currently at postproduction stage. This project has received grants from the Film Development Fund of Colombia for script development and production; its commercial release in cinemas is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.