La mujer de Barro (En)

La mujer de Barro

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International title: 

The Mud Woman

Original version: 



Sergio Castro


  • Argentina
  • Chile




96 min


Sergio Castro


Andrea Chignoli, Sergio Castro

Director of photography: 

Sergio Armstrong


Catalina Saavedra, Daniel Antivilo, Paola Lattus, Maite Neira, Elsa Poblete

Brief synopsis of the project: 

Despite the heaviest rain in over ten years, the region is suffering its worst drought in a decade. María Cartagena, 49, looks after her daughter Teresa only a few kilometres from the border between Chile and Argentina. She dreams of living in the capital with the brother she hasn’t seen for more than thirty years. To succeed, María must leave her daughter for the summer and travel by microbus to the different places that offer work in the grape season.

Director's biography: 

Sergio Castro’s first feature film, Paseo (2009), was screened at several independent film festivals including the BAFICI, Cartagena de Indias, London, Próximo Futuro in Lisbon, Trieste and Valdivia. It won the Jury Prize for Best Chilean Film at the Santiago Festival in 2009 (SANFIC5). In 2010, he directed El frío misterio, Best Documentary at Inedit Chile and premiered at Inedit Barcelona, and A Day with Tortoise, a documentary about the North American group. He is currently working on his third film, El Paraíso, with the Argentinian screenwriter and director, Alejandro Fadel.


La mujer de Barro - LM- director- writer
2009 - Paseo - director- writer
2010 - El frío misterio - documentary