Mi amiga del parque (en)

Mi amiga del parque

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Mi amiga del parque

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Ana Katz


  • Argentina
  • Uruguay




98 min


Ana Katz


Andrés Tambornino


Leo Masliah

Director of photography: 

Bill Nieto


Julieta Zylberberg, Ana Katz, Maricel Álvarez, Mirella Pascual, Malena Figó, Daniel Hendler


Brief synopsis of the project: 

Times are hard for Liz, mother of her first child, Nicanor, and wife of Gustavo, who is away filming in Chile. Liz seems lost and lonely and goes to the park by her house every day. There she meets a group of mothers and the occasional father, including Rosa, presumed mother of Clarisa and sister of the unstable Renata. Within this intense friendship extraordinary complicity is born as the new friends share confessions, household chores and, gradually, care of their children.

Director's biography: 

Ana Katz is a screenwriter, actress and film and theatre director. Debuted with El juego de la silla (2002), which participated in Films in Progress at the San Sebastian Festival and later received more than twenty international awards. Una novia errante (2007) won the Films in Progress Industry Award and had its premiere at Un Certain Regard in Cannes. Los Marziano (2011) was screened in the Official Selection at San Sebastian, the Festival where she sat on the New Directors Jury in 2003. The project for Mi amiga del parque was selected for the I Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum (2012).


Mi amiga del parque LM/ feauture/ lagometraje
2002 - El juego de la silla LM/ feauture/ lagometraje
2007 - Una novia errante LM/ feauture/ lagometraje
2011 - Los Marziano LM/ feauture/ lagometraje