5000 $ par semaine (en)

5000 $ par semaine



Feature film




  • France

Script writer(s): 

Vladimir Kozlov


Vladimir Kozlov


Three years ago in Havana, Che Guevara's youngest son, with the backing of foreign investors, opened a private tourist agency La Poderosa (The Powerful), named after Che's favourite motorbike on which he had been touring all over South America. Ernesto Guevara, a lawyer by training, offers to bring back to life his father's passion for steel horses. He proposes a motorised tour of the places where El Comandante Che fought, but with all the comfort of a Harley Davidson.

For $5,000 a week.

His business is so prosperous that he recently began offering individual customised tours.

Visual concept: 

This road movie traces a one-week trip in Che's footsteps, from one place to another of his revolutionary past, guided by his son Ernesto. I want to introduce in the bikers group a Frenchman with revolutionary convictions who will sometimes ask impertinent questions. I intend to use archive documents to confront Che's Cuba (1959-1966) with today’s Cuba, the one of his son.