Dile que no me maten (en)

Dile que no me maten



Santiago Lozano


  • Colombia


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

SIEMBRA / 2016 / Best Film

Script writer(s): 

Santiago Lozano


Guajiro (55) lives inside the Chocó Jungle, in western Colombia. From an early age, he learned the arts of the mortuary rituals inherited from his ancestors, former African slaves. He accompanies the dead on their way to eternal rest, dressing their tombs, embalming their bodies, praying and singing. Every day, Guajiro prays for the souls of the purgatory, who in return protect him, guide him and also torment him. One night the souls announce his death, telling him that it will soon occur in Holy Time, but they warn him not to die near the church, not near the cemetery, or in his house. Guajiro embarks on a journey into the jungle to meet the appointment with his death. Defying the curfew imposed by the armed groups that dispute the territory, he will have to survive the arms so that his soul can rest in peace and does not add itself to the souls of the purgatory.

Visual concept: 

In the construction of this narrative, the organic juxtaposition of the images will create a cinematographic piece traversed by the musicality proper to space, the forest, the river, men that cross the landscape, prayers, bombs, shots, the machines that drag the earth in the mines and the engines of the boats that tear the surface of the river. In this way, the sound will seek to anticipate the spectra, the illusions that become visions, and accompany the character in a duality of protection and torment.