Oro (en)




Angela Osorio
Santiago Lozano


  • Colombia


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Angela Osorio, Santiago Lozano


In the jungles of Colombia’s Pacific region lies Timbiquí, a village inhabited by Afro-Colombians –once slaves in the mines and now miners themselves. Along the riverbanks, a few villagers continue to prospect using the same rudimentary tools handed down by their ancestors, trusting in Divine Willor the magic of Chango to guide them to a new mine.

Visual concept: 

The Holy Week and the rituals are the metaphor to approach to the relation with the gold: a play –maybe, a fight, between God and devil. The images and travels on the river, discover the transformation of this is the road to ride the ambitious or the sense or community. The interviews to the elderly as a communal voice who talks about the tradition, and the direct images of the young miners where the people exclaim that the tradition is only fairy tales: gold is gold, money is money and time is time.