Perros que duermen bajo el agua (en)

Perros que duermen bajo el agua



Liú Marino


  • Chile


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Liú Mariano


"Sleeping dogs under the water" talks about Maria’s internal journey. After Maria‘s mother tried to commit suicide for the fourth time, Maria’s ordinary life changes. She has no other option but taking care of the mother. She will escape some days to the south of Chile to visit her father, who means “home” for her. She must also confront her unfinished relationships and her inability to finish the translation of "Der gute mensch von Sezuan", a Berthold Brecht book that talks about the impossibility to do goodness in this world.

Visual concept: 

The photographic, atmosphere vision and point of view in " Sleeping Dogs under the water " it’s fundamental. A city where all the streets are always empty, ambient sounds that repeat in two different places. A personal way to perceive the world, the loneliness, the shelter. This film not only narrates with dialogues, but the light, the sound, the camera position, and the elections of the places and how the characters moves in them, will be part of the narrative of the film.