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Submissions are now open until Sunday, October 13th 2024 through the Entry Form. Before completing the form, please consider the following requirements :


ABOUT THE link of the film :

  • You must include in the form a link to view the film online, and eventually a pasword. The Festival will only accept links for online screening such as vimeo, youtube or other similars. Please send a link with the download option activated. The file will only be used by the members of the selection committee. WON'T BE ACCEPTED : links with expiry date or links for download a video file (such as We Transfer, MyAirBridge, etc) or that requires an account to access (Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Cinando, etc).
  • In the form, you will commit to deliver a link and password that will not be modified during the selection process, until February 2025, and until April 2025 for selected films
  • Subtitles : if the language of the film is Spanish it is not mandatory to send a subtitled link. Nevertheless, if possible, we strongly recommend you to send a subtitled link in Spanish, English or French. If the language is Portuguese or other language, it is mandatory to send a link subtitled in Spanish, English or French.
  • If your are not able to send a link of the film, please indicate that you will be sending a DVD instead. You will receive in the submission confirmation the instructions to send the DVDs to our office. Make sure that the DVDs arrive before the submission deadline : 21th of October 2024. 
  • The person submiting is responsible to make sure that the links respects all the requirements, and to communicate promptly any change to inscriptions@cinelatino.fr


  • Registration must be made only trough our online form. Other submission platforms wont be accepted. 
  • The form collects the informations about the film, the director, the production company and the screening format. You will have to attach 1 picture of the director. You will also send the link and password trough the form.
  • Before start to fill in the form, please check that the weight of the picture don't exceed 2Mb. Larger files can prevent the submission form to be successfully processed. We strongly recommend you to control and modify your pictures with a photo edition program, in order to send the pictures in high quality resolution: 300DPI (To convert you can try www.online-convert.com).
  •  Before SENDING the form, please verify that all mandatory fields(*) have been completed correctly. Once submitted, a final message should appear in a new page. Otherwise, please check the error messages on the left side of the form, and make sure that the pictures are still attached.
  • You will receive a confirmation email and the PDF of your submission form. If you sent a link, the film will automaticaly participate in the selection process and you wont receive any other notification.  
  • The results of the selection process will be communicated by email to all participants on March 2025.

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For all question about the registration please contact:
Juliette Macé-Roussel : inscriptions@cinelatino.fr