Platform 2021

Cinélatino’s professional platform will take place from the 22 March to the 2 April 2021. The activities planned in face-to-face will be switched to the virtual sphere if sanitary conditions do not allow the physical version to be maintained. Below, you will find information about the different activities of the platform. It will be updated regularly.

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Awards Films in progress 39 & Films in Development 16

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Booklet with the participants of the professional platform 2021

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Tuto REMO Platform

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Participation in the activities of the professional platform 2021

To participate in professional activities, you must be accredited. You can request your accreditation by following the link below. Only professionals, teachers and students with an activity in the film sector will be accredited. Accreditation is free of charge.
The accreditation is free of charge and you can request it from this link :
Accreditation will not automatically provide access to Films in Progress and Films in Development. If you would like to meet the project holders, please send us your production company's CV at

Films in Progress 39

Films in Progress will take place on Monday 29, Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 March 2021 on line.

Films in Development 16

The 16th edition of Films in Development will take place in a virtual form Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd April 2021.


Series of meetings and conferences on the theme of co-production between France and Latin America, presentation of the ACM distribution device, overview of the film industry in Latin America. The exact dates will be communicated later.
Open to everyone.

The Occitanie Plateform

Occitanie producers’ workshop

The workshop will take place on Thursday 25 March from 10:00 am to 12:00 am on line.
By invitation only.

Films in Manufacturing

The presentation of Latin American projects developed by professionals based in the Occitanie region is planned for Thursday 25 March on line.
Open to everyone.

Winners of the Gindou’s writing residency support

The encounter between experts and laureates will take place on Wednesday 24 March from 2:00 to 6:00 pm on line.
This encounter is closed to the public.

Mentoring young producers in the second year of Master at ENSAV

Professional feedback on projects supported by students in the second year of Production Master at ENSAV.
This encounter is closed to the public.

International symposium

The international symposium organised by the SEPIA LARA laboratories for the development and production accelerators of audio-visual projects. The « Pitch », « Workshop », « Network »: Practices, Issues and Experiences will take place on the 22 and 23 March 2021 on line.


Agenda and modes

This information will be updated as the situation changes.

Activities Form planned as of 8 January 2021 Dates
Symposium On line Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 March
Mentoring ENSAV On line Wednesday 24 March
Gindou’s winners support On line Wednesday 24 March
Workshop productors On line Thursday 25 March
Films in Manufacturing On line Thursday 25 March
Films in Progress 39 On line Monday 29, Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 March
Films in Development 16 On line Thursday 1er and Friday 2 April
Connexions On line Between 22 and 2 April





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