Films in Progress : presentation

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Films in Progress, a joint initiative between Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse and the San Sebastian Festival, endeavours to facilitate the completion of rigorously selected independant latinoamerican films which, though completed, are having difficulty finding their way into the post-production stage. Since 2002, this double event presents an annual selection of 12 works-in-progress in two sessions: 6 films in Toulouse in march and 6 films in september in San Sebastián.


This initiative is answering to a demand of the latin-american producers and directors who are facing difficulties at the stage of the post-production of films under financed but made with a lot of creativity. The producers need to find complementary supports for these films marked by the stamp of singularity and independence, made with a lot of effort.


Films in progress impulse the meeting and cooperation between the producers of the selected works-in-progress and european partners to make the films reach screens and audiences. With more than 300 profesionnals, among the most influencial on the european and international level, which take part each year to these two sessions, Films in progress is the unmissing and strategic meeting point with the latin american films and profesionnals conected to Latin América.


In the last years, Films in progress have contribute efficiently to the finalisation, difusion and comercialisation of the most remarkable latin american films: Tony Manero by Pablo Larraín, Gloria by Sebastián Lelio, Sangre by Amat Escalante, Infancia Clandestina by Benjamín Ávila, La sirga by William Vega, La Playa by Juan Andrés Arango, Pelo Malo by Mariana Rondón, Historia del Miedo by Benjamin Naishtat, Matar a un hombre by Alejandro Fernández Almendras...


By involving film professionals capable of contributing to their post-production, and by encouraging distributors and promoters to diversify their offer, San Sebastian and Toulouse hope to develop and strenghten with as much pragmatism and efficiency as possible, respect for and promotion of cultural diversity based on a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.