New partner and new award in Films in Progress

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The team of Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse is very glad and honored to welcome Projecto Paradiso aboard Films in Progress partners.


This alliance is taking shape through a new award given by Projecto Paradiso, Brasil No Mundo. It consists of a grant of 10.000 $, given by the Brazilian philanthropic initiative Projeto Paradiso for the completion of the post-production and internationalization of the Brazilian film·s selected in Films in Progress, Toulouse. This invaluable support will back the Brazilian film·s in the very last stage of completion, in their international visibility, and in their path toward the audience.


"In 2021 Projeto Paradiso decided to reward Brazilian films selected at prominent international WIPs in order to boost their trajectory with a US$ 10.000 prize as Last Money for post-production and internationalization efforts. It is crucial that Brazilian films continue to reach their global audience and remain, more than ever, in the eye of international Festivals and Markets. We understand that such support can increase the participation in rare opportunities such as Cinelatino, which has historically been a long-standing partner of Brazilian directors and also contribute to the budgets of the productions in a time when funding is scarce. We are honored to partner with Cinelatino which has had a unique eye to reveal and champion Brazilian talents, and hope this collaboration will help Brazil's cinema resonate even further in 2021"
Josephine Bourgois, Executive Director - Projeto Paradiso


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