WORKSHOP #2 APIFA - Cinelatino (en)

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For the second consecutive year, the Festival Cinélatino and the APIFA come together to plan a workshop for regional producers. After the keys of international coproduction in 2017, its  mechanisms and its assets, this year, the program is about documentary in cinema with a situational analysis, case studies and discussions.

APIFA Pyrénées Méditerrannée is the most important association of independent producers in Occitanie Region representing more than 45 societies engaged in the production and the  distribution of programs for TV, cinema and new media. All its activities aim to support, promote and valorise the creative, professional and economic potential of its members and, more widely, of the entire audiovisual and cinematographic domain regionally in France and abroad.


Subject to change
(workshop for APIFA members only)


9h30 - Situational analysis of the documentary distribution in cinema.
Pauline Richard, Les Films des deux rives producer.

10h - How to produce a film for cinema? Which strategies of distribution?
Annie Gonzalez, C-P Productions producer, and Pauline Richard, Les Films des deux rives distributor.

11h30 - How to go from TV to cinema?
Jacques Choukroun, distributor, Les Films des deux rives.

14h30 - Reediting a 52’ for cinema and viceversa?
Fabien Daguerre, film editor.

15H30 - Feature-lenght documentary,
other ways are possible. Presentation of BelleZimages, distribution society created in Toulouse. Sonia Paramo, Les films Figures Libres producer.

16h45 - The distribution-exhibition link: cinema exhibitors’ point of view on distribution of documentaries in cinemas.
Presented by Jérémy Breta of the American Cosmograph (Toulouse) and Jacques Vergnes of the Casino (Lavelanet) cinemas.

17h45 - Presentation of assistance available to cinemas of the world.
Presented by Joséphine Vinet, in charge of the distribution support of the Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, CNC.

19h - Producers cocktail (by invitation)