Cores (en)

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Premier film


Francisco García


  • Brazil




95 min.


Gabriel Campos y Francisco García


André Gevaerd y Francisco García


Wilson Sukorski

Director of photography: 

Alziro Barbosa


Acaua Sol (Luiz), Pedro di Pietro (Luca) e Simoni Iliescu (Luara), Maria Célia Camargo (Dona Marlene), Tônico Pereira (Nicolau) y Guilherme Leme (Roger)


Synopsis : 

São Paulo. Nowadays. Brazil is in a period of economic growth. Cores is a story of friendship and disillusionment of three young people in a big metropole. At one point one of them believes that things can change, but the meaning of life gets lost into the days when “everything that is solid vanishes into thin air”


The project has received the following supports:  Ancine - Agência Nacional do Cinema / Secretaria de Estado da Cultura do Governo do Estado de São Paulo - Programa de Fomento ao Cinema Paulista 2010 / Governo do Estado de São Paulo - Programa de Ação Cultural da Secretaria da Cultura / Polo Cinematográfico de Paulínia. Private Incentives: Sabesp / Besni / Lupo / Ace Seguradora. Waiting for: Hubert Bals Fund for Post-production


Director's biography: 

FRANCISCO GARCÍA (São Paulo, 1980), graduated in Cinema at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in 2005. He won national and international prizes for his 1st short film Desequilibrio and for his 2nd one Nanoilusão, on a script written by Bráulio Mantovani (City of God and Elite Squad). Cores (2011) is his first feature film.


2008 – A cauda do dinossauro - CM / short - Ficción /fiction / feature
2006 - Nanoilusão - CM / short - Ficción /fiction / feature
2004 - Desequilibrio - CM / short - Ficción /fiction / feature

Production notes: 

KINOOSFERA FILMES is experienced in co-production focusing on projects for cinema and television.Involving a new generation of script-writers and directors, its projects have been acknowledged by the audience and selected by various festivals all over the world. The company is currently working in the final stages of Cores and it is looking for potential co-producers for future projects.