La novia del desertio (en)

La novia del desertio

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Premier film


Cecilia Atán & Valeria Pivato


  • Argentina
  • Chile




85 min


Cecilia Atán, Valeria Pivato


Andrea Chignoli


Leo Sujatovich

Director of photography: 

Sergio Armstrong


Paulina García (Teresa), Claudio Rissi (Gringo)

Synopsis : 

Teresa (54) has worked for decades as a live-in maid in Buenos Aires. When the family sells the house, she is forced to take a job in a distant town. Although feeling uncomfortable, she embarks on a journey through the desert. During her first stop, in the land of the miraculous “Saint Correa”, she loses her bag with all her belongings. This incident leads her to cross paths with a travelling salesman, the only one who can help her. What seemed like the end of her world will prove her salvation.


- Audiovisual Development Fund 2016 - CNCA, Chile.
- First Feature Prize 2013 - 2do.llamado INCAA. Argentina. 

- Berlin Coproduction Market - 2016, Germany.
- Raymundo Gleyzer Contest 2013 INCAA. Preselection Metropolitan Region. Argentina.
- Rodolfo Santana Screenwriters Lab 2013. VI Festival de Cine Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Isla Margarita. Venezuela. 

- International Cine Qua Non Lab 2012 - Screenplay Workshop. Mexico 

Director's biography: 

Valeria Pivato has started her career as AD, Casting Director and Script Supervisor in film features with worldwide top directors. She has won the Patagonik International Screenwriter Contest with her script Before and a after and a after again.

Cecilia Atán started directing in 2007, and since then she has directed advertisements and educational programs. In 2016, she directed Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, the story, a documentary nominated for the International Emmy Awards.


2012 – The sea - Cecilia Atán - short film

Production notes: 

CEIBITA FILMS was founded 2006 in Guatemala with the goal of developing and producing projects that strengthen Latin American identity. In 2014 it expanded its organization to Chile with the aim of facilitating collaboration across the continent.

HADDOCK FILMS was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Buenos Aires. Its objective is to contribute to the growth of the film industry with the creative and productive resources available to them, deepening the ties of collaboration between Argentina, Latin America and Europe.


CEIBITA FILMS (Chili) - Alejo Crisóstomo


HADDOCK FILMS (Argentine) - Eva Lauría