Los perros (en)

Los perros

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Marcela Said


  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • France
  • Portugal




97 min


Marcela Said


Jean de Certeau


Grégoire Auger

Director of photography: 

Georges Lechaptois


Antonia Zegers (Mariana), Alfredo Castro (Juan / El Colonel), Rafael Spregelburd (Pedro), Alejandro Sieveking (Francisco)

Synopsis : 

Mariana (42) is a slightly off- the-wallwoman, who stands out from the Chilean upper class to which she belongs. Her father, Francisco, has raised her with love and kindness, but also with a strong grip. Pedro, her husband, is a workaholic architect who doesn’t seem to make her happy. She finds solace in the company of Juan (60), a riding teacher and a former colonel with a shady past.


Development: Procirep-Angoa, Sundance Lab, MEDIA – Slate funding
Production: CNC / Institut Français- Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, FFA Fondo Audiovisual Chileno, INCAA, World Cinema Fund Europe, Ibermedia, ICA – Aide à la coproduction franco-portugaise, NRW Filmstiftung.
Awards: ARTE International Award (Berlinale Co-production Market 2015)

Director's biography: 

Marcela Said (1972). In 2013, her first feature film The summer of flying fish, produced by Jirafa Films and Cinéma Defacto was presented at the Director’s Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival. It was presented at Toulouse Films in Progress. In 2014, she was a resident director at the Cinéfondation, the Festival de Cannes’ Residency, and at the Sundance Screenwriter Lab, where she wrote her second feature film, Los Perros.


2013 - El verano de los peces voladores - feature film
2011 - El Mocito - documentary
2001 - I Love Pinochet - documentary

Production notes: 

Cinéma Defacto is a Paris-based, author-driven production company at human scale. Our catalog of 25 features includes films such as The Summer of the flying fish by Marcela Said (Director’s Fortnight 2013), The Here After by Magnus von Horn (Director’s Fortnight 2015), and Apprentice by Boo Junfeng (Un Certain Regard 2016). Two partners from two generations run the company: Tom Dercourt who created it, and Sophie Erbs who joined in 2004.


CINEMA DEFACTO (France) - Sophie Erbs & Tom Dercourt


JIRAFA FILMS (Chile) - Augusto Matte

REI CINE (Argentina) - Santiago Gallelli & Benjamin Domenech

TERRATREME FILMS (Portugal) - Joao Matos

AUGENSCHEIN FILMPRODUKTION (Germany) - Maximilian Leo & Jonas Katzenstein