Luciérnagas (Fireflies) (en)

  • luciernagas

Original version: 



Bani Khoshnoudi


  • United States
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic




88 min


Bani Khoshnoudi


Miguel Schverdfinger

Director of photography: 

Benjamin Echazarreta


Arash Marandi (Ramin), Edwarda Gurrola (Leti), Luis Alberti (Guillermo)



Synopsis : 

Ramin is a young gay man who fled the repression in Iran and arrived in Veracruz, Mexico after traveling clandestinely on a cargo ship from Turkey. While contemplating what he will do next, Ramin  tries to cope with the distance from hislover, who stayed in Tehran. The paradox of his feelings is immense: while in a state of longing and nostalgia, he savors his newfound freedom far from Iran.


IMCINE Développement, Ibermedia Développement, BrLab, Foprocine (IMCINE), Ibermedia Production, Hubert Bals Fund Plus Europe

Director's biography: 

Born in Tehran, Bani Khoshnoudi is a filmmaker and artist working in documentary, fiction, as well as with sound and video installation. Her work explores questions related to revolution and   modernity and its impact on memory, exile and migration. She was a studio artist at the Whitney Museum of American Art Independent Study Program. Her films have been shown in festivals, galleries and alternative spaces around the world. Since 2009, Bani lives in Mexico City.


2014 - The Silent Majority Speaks - doc - 94 min.
2012 - Ziba - fiction - 82 min.
2008 - A People in the Shadows - doc - 92 min.

Production notes: 

Zensky Cine was founded in 2007 by Elsa Reyes, producer and Ramón Orozco, director and cinematographer. Their principal objective is to produce new and innovative cinema. The last films produced were: Oso polar by Marcelo Tobar (2017), La balada del Oppenheimer Park by Juan Manuel Sepúlveda (2016), Los parecidos by Isaac Ezban (2015), Almacenados by Jack Zagha (2015) and Workers by José Luis Valle (2013).