Meio irmão (en)

Meio irmão

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Premier film


Eliane Coster


  • Brazil






Eliane Coster


Fernando Coster


Kito Siqueira

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Cleisson Vidal


Natália Molina (Sandra), Diego Avelino (Jorge), André Andrade (Filé), Eduarda Andrade (Giovana), Dico Oliveira (Rui), Francisco Gomes (Wilson)

Synopsis : 

Sandra, 16 years old, is looking for her mother who’s been missing for days. As time goes by, difficulties pile up and she has to seek her half-brother Jorge, they’ve had little contact. Jorge lives and works with his father, they install surveillance systems. At the point Sandra finds him, he’s being threatened not to leak a video he made on his phone of a homophobic attack on a male friend to whom he’s secretly attracted to.


São Paulo State Promotion Program Support 2014, invested capital 112,000 Euros.
FSA/BRDE Investment Fund, PRODECINE Constest 05/2013, invested capital 305,000 Euros.

Director's biography: 

Eliane Coster wrote and directed several short films screened and awarded in Brazil and abroad. She received her B.A. in Film from the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo and M.A. in Contemporary Art from the Rio de Janeiro State University. She is currently a professor of the Film department at São Carlos Federal University.


2017 - Super Oldboy - short film
2011 - São Paulo Além das Horas - short film
2010 - Retrovisor - short film

Production notes: 

Oka Comunicações began operations in June 2000 and is engaged in the creation of audiovisual content for cinema, TV and the web. Our offices are located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Featured media: Sinfonia Paulistana, Um Novo Olhar. Doc, feature, 2013. Directed by Rogério Zagallo. Camponeses do Araguaia, a guerrilha vista por dentro. Doc, feature, 2010. Directed by Vandré Fernandes. Retrovisor. Fiction, short, 2010. Written and Directed by Eliane Coster.


OKA COMUNICAÇÕES (Brésil) - Rogério Zagallo


Eliane Coster (Brésil)