Perro Bomba (en)

Perro bomba

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Juan Cáceres


  • Chile
  • France




90 min


Juan Cáceres


Diego Figueroa

Director of photography: 

Valeria Fuentes


Steevens Benjamin (Steevens), Alfredo Castro (Jefe), Junior Benjamin (Junior), Blanca Lewin (Esperanza), Gastón Salgado (Jefe 2)



Synopsis : 

Steevens (21) is a young Haitian with a simple and stable life in Chile: work, home, friends and fun. Junior (19), a childhood friend, arrives in Chile. Steevens gets him a job, but Junior is messy and provokes a fight in which Steevens hits his Boss (50). This event gets viral and his community, his friends and everybody else reject Steevens. He loses his papers and his home. Steevens walks around the city searching for a chance to restart his life, finding it only beyond the margins of society.


Premio “Mi primer largometraje” - ICEI Universidad de Chile / VIII Bolivialab premio Fimosonido / Premio “DIRAC” WIP Chileno en Viña del Mar IFF / Premio “Guadalajara Construye” WIP Chileno en Viña del Mar IFF.

Director's biography: 

Juan Cáceres (Santiago de Chile, 1990). Debuts in 2016 with the short film Desiderio and, in 2017-2018, he premieres his second short film, La Duda, selected in Toulouse, Sao Paulo and Havana, among other festivals. Perro Bomba, currently in edition, was created working with natural actors, without a script and based on improvisation acting. The film has won several development awards and has been selected as WIP in Viña del Mar (2017) and Guadalajara (2018).


2017 - La Duda - fiction - 9 min.
2016 - Desiderium - fiction - 10min.


Infractor Films Factory es una productora con sede en Santiago de Chile, fundada en 2015 por Alejandro Ugarte. Sus producciones se centran en temas sociales, el trabajo con jóvenes cineastas
y la exploración de la delgada línea entre la ficción y el documental.