Sirena (en)


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Original version: 


First movie: 

Premier film


Carlos Piñeiro


  • Bolivia


75 min


Juan Pablo Piñeiro - Diego Loayza


Carlos Piñeiro


Simeón Roncal

Director of photography: 

Marcelo Villegas


Daniel Aguirre, Kike Gorena, Brian Ramírez, Benjamín Pari, Ariel Mariaca.


Synopsis : 

Lake Titicaca, 1984. Morgan Cabrera, a renowned La Paz engineer, drowns in a boating accident. The unfruitful search for his body is called off when confirmation arrives that it has been found on a remote island. A commission sets out to retrieve the corpse. When the engineers arrive on the island, the community members, who only speak Aymara, refuse to allow them to take the corpse because, according to their beliefs, doing so would ward off the possibility of a bountiful harvest. Finally, the community members allow them to take the corpse, but it never reaches its destination...

Director's biography: 

Carlos Piñeiro graduated in Film Directing from the Bolivian Catholic University. He has worked as a producer, art director and assistant director on more than fifteen Bolivian and international films. He has directed four feature films, winners of awards at different festivals: Martes de Challa (2008), Max Jutam (2010), Plato Paceño (2013) and Amazonas (2015). He is a member of Socavón Cine, a well-known collective of Bolivian filmmakers. Sirena is his first feature film.