Amores de Chumbo (en)

Amores de Chumbo



Tuca Siqueira


  • Brazil


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Tuca Siqueira


In France, the writer and former political militant from Pernambuco, Maria Eugenia (62), is preparing to travel to Brazil, hoping to find the argument of her new novel, after 40 years away from her country. In Recife, northeastern Brazil, the Sociology Professor and former political prisoner, Miguel (64), celebrates 43 years of a loving marriage to Lucy (62), along with friends, their son Ernesto (41), and their granddaughter Lina (5). In São Paulo, following a request from his great friend Rui, Miguel takes part in a debate and is surprised by the presence of Maê (the nickname Maria Eugênia was known by comrades). He hadn't seen her (his great love from youth) for decades. The return of Maria Eugenia threatens a secret hidden by Lucy for more than 40 years. After so much time, these old and deep feelings guarded for so long, blows up in this loving triangle.

Visual concept: 

Amores de Chumbo is a drama that deals with the influence of a political system in the personal lives of individuals. In this context of humanities, secrets, inversions of guilt and interrupted passions, the film argues the limit of each main character and their ability to live with their own mistakes. Gradually the intensity of affective joys gives place to heartbreak . The plot acquires a tragedy atmosphere in its most realistic way, taking advantage of the load of psychological work with actors and an accomplice photography of the characters.