Blanco (en)




Rubén Mendoza


  • Colombia


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Rubén Mendoza


An old farmer, Lola, has been convinced to vote for the first time. A candidate running for major of the old village where Lola’s mountains belong, gave his word to stop an oil project that demands to tear down the cemetery where she has her family buried, most of them dead as farmer rights leaders. At the same time Abril, a relative, studying architecture in a faraway city has taken one of the rooms Lola rents to study farmer houses for some months as her degree project. She brings a new approach from her city on how to live as a female: to live her body, her word, her love (she has a girlfriend and a boyfriend), and challenges Lola on several ways with her thoughts, her skin, her character; as Lola challenges her too: after being disappointed by the now elected major, who is giving green light to the oil project, Lola decides to exchange all of her sheep for a shotgun to kill him.

Visual concept: 

This film will keep my work on the road of skin. Female skin, in several senses: even the spirit’s skin. Very long shots that can be looked as old farmer paintings. A film that will honor the light of this zone and will execute a close look on the body as a territory and the skin as a border. A camera working as a witness of a change of power on the patriarchal heritage back to female hands and strengths: capturing the aura, textures, skin of the water, soil, stones, mountain, the sounds and rhythms of another forgotten place of my land.