Breve historia del planeta verde (en)

Breve historia del planeta verde



Santiago Loza


  • Argentina


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Si je suis perdu, c´est pas grave - 2015 - Competition

Script writer(s): 

Santiago Loza


Tania is a trans girl who makes shows at discos in Buenos Aires. Pedro is a creature of the night, a regular dancer. Daniela works in a bar as a waitress. She is dealing with a break-up. They went to school together in their home town. Tania receives the news that her grandmother has died, so she decides to go back to the town with her two friends. Her grandma has left her house as an inheritance, and hidden an Alien body that accompanied her in those last years. She asks them in a letter to please take the creature to the place where it appeared to give it eternal peace. Pedro, Daniela and Tania start a journey looking for that place. They find the appeasement they need, what makes their loneliness softer. At the end, they arrive to a mysterious place, where the Alien ship comes to look for the creature. Tania leaves with it. Pedro and Daniela stay in Earth, closer than ever.

Visual concept: 

The visual aspect of the film takes as reference some 80´s entertainment movies like Stand by me, The Goonies, in which the characters have to solve a challenge. The imagery takes referents like Andrei Tarskovski´s Stalker, the wandering movies of Antonioni. An image that recalls the charm of old science fiction. Filmed on 35mm, as a retro sing. Digital black and white flashbacks to see the ET alive. The first part shows the gay night in Buenos Aires, a non realistic image which is a mix of pictorial and comic composition.