Breves Miragens do Sol (en)

Breves Miragens do Sol



Eryk Rocha


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Campo de jogo (Sunday Ball), 2014 (Documentary Competition)

Script writer(s): 

Fabio Andrade and Eryk Rocha


Breves Miragens do Sol tells the story of Paulo (42), Unemployed, recently divorced and in debt with his ex-wife Livia, who forbids him to see his son Mateus(07). As a quick possibility of survival, Paulo has just started driving a night-cab in Rio de Janeiro. The new job makes him feel like a stranger in a convulsing city. His moment of personal uncertainty intertwines with a city under renovation and permanent reinvention of itself. As he learns the choreography of his new profession, this apparently provisory solution solidifies as his present reality. Slowly he starts opening up to the encounters, conversations and relationships provided by the cab. The fragments of stories and advices exchanged with the passengers become the narrative of his own life, weaving a broader tale about living in Rio today.

Visual concept: 

Breves Miragens do Sol is both a character drama and a portrait of a city in a specific moment in time, which still lacks representation in film. The personal narrative intermingles with the city night, revealing a less familiar image of Rio de Janeiro. These spheres come together and end up colliding in his cab. Outside, Windows and mirrors create a mosaic of multiple interactions, while the infernal polyphony of the city contrasts with the muffled sound of the car air conditioner. The movie is the result of these encounters.