Cidade; Campo (en)

Cidade; Campo



Juliana Rojas


  • Brazil


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

O Duplo (Muestra 2015) and Um Ramo ( Muestra 2015)

Script writer(s): 

Juliana Rojas


Cidade; Campo tells two stories about migration. The first one is about Joana, a middle-age woman who works as a cane cutter. Unable to find work in the country, she goes to São Paulo to reencounter her sister. There, she tries to get a job and to adapt to the city life. The second part tells the story of Mauro, a recently graduated doctor. Because of using a mixture of drugs to stay awake during the shifts, he medicates a patient with a wrong dosage. The hospital board fires him, but his father-in-law – also a doctor - persuades the hospital board to drop the charges and transfer Mauro to a small hospital at the country. While Mauro tries to get adapted to poor working conditions at the new hospital and to reestablish himself, his wife faces a lonely everyday on a strange town and starts to rethink the choices she made.

Visual concept: 

In the first part, the approach will be more realistic, with a greater formalism on the frame composition, seeking to represent the magnificence of the city’s architectural reality. The second part will have more camera movements and an sound design that’ll enhance the atmosphere. The cinematography will be darker, more dramatic. This is not an episodic movie: the two parts are complementary, each permeates and lives within the other, as well as the places that do not abandon the characters.